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Contributor's Journey on Magus Gobal

Building Travel Community Platform
Video content


Create Destination Content

Post video and blogs stories as creative content to guide the traveler.

Being Travel Content Creator

Only experience traveler ( travelled a destination more than 15 days ) can join, subscribe and post travel content. Be unique....

Sign up as contributor


Subscribe destination for approval


Post travel informative and interactive video


Target right keywords and tags to increase followers

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Guide Traveler

If you know the destination from deep and share the knowledge with travellers.
advise traveller
trip planning


Advice Travelers

As advisor you can create and plan their next trip.


Create Local Experiences

To make the traveler know the destination as local.
travel services

Benefits of Being Contributor

brands promotion
Access of brand colloboration and promotion platform
booking platform
Travel booking in discounted prices
earn commission
Earn commissions by travel advice
earn through subscription
Provide support for content design and development
company equity
Be part of ESOP contributor funds
own business
Protect from duplicate account and copy content

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